Splash launches Sustainable Fashion #IAMSUSTAINABILITY

Splash today announced the launch of its Sustainable collection, making a commitment towards the planet. Forming part of the existing product portfolio of Splash, this collection for both men & women is made up of sustainable materials, reflecting the brand’s promise to work in an environment friendly manner.

• More than 600,000 eco-denims manufactured from organic cotton every season- 48% climate impact reduced with 0% chemical pesticides used & 19% less carbon emission as a result

• We saved 3.3 million gallons of water equivalent to drinking water consumed by Ireland in 1 day

• 20,000 garments made from recycled plastic bottles- 19 pet bottles produce enough Fiber for XL t-shirt

• 70% less energy needed for manufacturing from recycled materials

• Close to 500,000 garments made from Natural Fibre

• Significant reduction of Marine debris thereby helping the marine ecosystem

Splash Calendar 2017 – Eyes Wide Open

A ray of light. A whiff of air. A ripple in the ocean. A look at the clouds and that brief moment between darkness and light, sometimes transcends you to a realm where every imagination is possible, every dream a reality & every reality a dream.

These magical moments though small, have the power to supply one with eternal bliss. It is in this bliss that we see the power, the power of being, the power in small things

Shot by Tejal Patni, Splash consumers as models and styled by Splash, this year the Splash Calendar 2017 invites you to experience a world of dreams. A world where light beckons when you close your eyes.

As a valued patron of ours, we present the Splash Calendar 2017.


STORIES OF UNITY: Nominate your champion of unity this Ramadan

The greater cause of humanity has and will always be close to our heart. This Ramadan, a new chapter begins for the Splash Heart Of Gold initiative where we will pay homage and reward individuals who have championed the act of unity on individuals, groups or even communities. Such selfless deeds mirror our new motto of “LOVE UNITES”.

To give these heroes the recognition they well deserve, we ask you to take just a couple of minutes to fill in the nomination form. Tell us their story. Share with us their journey. Inspire everyone to follow in their footsteps.

So let’s make this Holy Month of Ramadan, a month filled with love and unity.

Know someone with a story of unity? Send your nomination to Splash ‘Heart Of Gold’ here: www.splashheartofgold.com

#LoveUnites #SplashHeartOfGold


Splash introduces new way forward with ‘Love Unites’

The recently unveiled campaign #LoveUnites takes cues from a world where unrest has taken head and how even the smallest of acts of raising awareness can go a long way in uniting people.

Titled ‘Love Unites’ the Splash campaign brings together six top-models of various ethnicities from across the Globe to shoot for an inspirational fashion campaign where caste, creed & color play no role.

Splash Calendar 2016: Love For The Planet

One thing that won’t make its comeback when it goes out of fashion, is our dearly beloved planet Earth. There’s no retro version. No vintage one you can dig out of your grandma’s old dress collection. It’s probably the only original one-of-a-kind design, and it’s our duty to make sure it lasts.

What better way to remind us of this every day than an impactful, beautifully shot, almost shocking calendar?

That’s the thinking behind the ‘Love For The Planet’ calendar unveiled by Splash earlier this month. A calendar that combines the photographic genius of Tejal Patni and the design mastery of Furne Amato, to surrealistically

The calendar brings to life a very crucial request from Earth: handle with care. We urge you to show your commitment to the cause, by Downloading the calendar

Splash 'Heart of Gold' - 30 Days 30 Heroes

In the last 30 days this Ramadan, we went on a journey that took us into the hearts of very special people. The Splash 'Heart of Gold' initiative gave us a clear perspective on how selflessness can make a big difference in the lives of people from all walks of life. The time has come to recognize and reward these heroes. During the 30 days of Ramadan, Splash will share the beautiful heartwarming stories of the chosen heroes that will inspire us with their benevolence. Splash is truly honored to receive and share these inspiring stories with everyone.